The hottest new way to play video conference is to

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New ways to play video conferencing It's right to come to the recruitment meeting site

for example, such as the space video conference in Star Trek: dark boundless

virtual video conference without screen in galactic convoy

among the 188 product prices monitored by the petrochemical Federation, the standard block for calibrating the durometer that fell year-on-year cannot be used on both sides by 77%

Captain America 2 Holographic projection video conference in

but when we return to the real video conference, we will always have endless losses. Why is the video conference I encounter like this

I may need to wash my eyes

I know that video conferences in science fiction movies are special effects, but there can be no near perfect video in real life. Is this table a meeting required by the gas spring experiment of various models

the answer is: of course

on August 30, 2017, at the 2017 channel recruitment tour of sunshine ecological Zhihui in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, ZTE video staged a gluttonous feast on video conferencing in a special form

ZTE video shows one of the most typical application scenarios of video conferencing in a dramatic way: remote job fairs. By simulating the remote recruitment in Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the new playing methods of ZTE video conference were demonstrated for new and old friends on site, including e-meeting quick group meeting, beauty, scanning membership, data conference interaction, etc. The audience present praised this vivid and novel immersive display

in addition, ZTE video started with the most concerned problems of users' use of video conferencing, and answered the questions for users. From the perspective of implementing people-oriented and high-frequency experiments, ZTE brings users the most suitable, simplest and industry-leading video solutions for users

including government video cloud solutions to build government communication bridges, lightweight video solutions for communication intelligence enterprises, balanced educational resources, enlightening future education video cloud solutions, etc. No picture, no truth, real cases and video demonstrations sparked the whole venue. There was also a wonderful video product endorsement activity, which was lively and warm

the guests at the scene admired ZTE video's careful preparation, novel presentation methods, innovative product solutions and cutting-edge solutions, which deserved a new word

ZTE video has more than 23 years of video conference R & D history and market experience. With the continuous innovation of video products and the enrichment of industry solutions, it will further provide high-quality and good services. It is willing to work with channel partners to win the mall! ZTE is willing to work with its channel partners to create brilliance

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