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Pilot new weapon XCMG crane Beijing 6 new product release

pilot new weapon XCMG crane Beijing 6 new product release

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on October 10, XCMG crane Beijing 6 new product launch was held in Beijing, and several XCMG Beijing 6 high-energy cranes with "environmental protection" performance were launched. The new crane products that meet the Beijing VI standard unveiled at this press conference include xct8l4, xct12l4, xct20l5, xct25l5, xct55l5, xct80l5 and xct90. Other tonnage products will be fully launched before the first quarter of 2020

Zhang Hanxu, deputy general manager of the hoisting machinery division of XCMG group, said: the six Beijing products, which have been repeatedly verified and tested by XCMG for several years, have long been one step ahead in terms of "green" and "environmental protection". They not only meet the requirements of the most stringent national paper mills, but also effectively solve the problems of crane licensing and Transfer ownership, improve the value preservation rate of second-hand cars, and ensure the maximization of user income and interests. It is the first choice for the construction and hoisting of developed cities. It is green, high-energy, and a new weapon for navigation

zhanghanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG lifting machinery division

the optical purity of L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid, the key monomers of North China marketing pla of XCMG lifting machinery division, is more than 99.9%. Zhang Xiaoning, general manager of the center, introduced in his speech: a good product must be able to calmly cope with the extreme challenges brought by various harsh use environments. The apparent consumption of xugongjing's six series of domestic crude steel has fallen year by year since 2014. All products have undergone rigorous reliability tests: from the vast desert area to the Qinghai Tibet plateau at an altitude of 5000 meters; From the extremely cold temperature of minus 39 degrees Celsius at the border of Outer Mongolia to the tropical high-temperature and humid areas, XCMG's crane performance, structural parts, electrical, hydraulic and control systems have all experienced the most severe tests. XCMG will contribute high-quality products that catch up with and exceed the international standards to the crane industry

XCMG group, as a benchmark demonstration enterprise for transformation and upgrading, has always been firm in the concept of "internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability", and has constantly accelerated the pace of exploring medium and high-end manufacturing and establishing a world-class brand. This Beijing 6th new product launch shows the new technologies, new products and new achievements made by XCMG crane innovation and development, and shows and delivers XCMG's achievements in intelligence, informatization, energy conservation and emission reduction New breakthroughs and progress in safety and reliability. As the saying goes, the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the reputation of users. The answer to the performance of XCMG crane can be found from the evaluation of customers present

manager Wang Jinhui from Beijing Jinhui mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. ordered a 25 ton crane at this promotion meeting. According to him, the company has been using XCMG equipment since the first XCMG product was purchased in 2005. He said: in terms of hoisting performance, safe operation, fuel consumption and so on, XCMG crane has been very mature in market application and has a very high cost performance ratio. In terms of service, XCMG is also very impressive. Their ability to provide services "without dead ends" has strengthened his recognition of XCMG products

Wang Weifeng, manager of Beijing Fengyuan Dingsheng mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., has 6 XCMG equipment, covering 20 to 110 ton products. He believes that XCMG crane is absolutely first-class in China, and the brand efficiency of the product is very high, which is highly recognized by many leasing customers and is eager to get it. In addition, he is very satisfied with XCMG's after-sales service, and the high safety performance of the product is another important reason why he chose XCMG crane

at the meeting, the batch handover ceremony of XCMG's first batch of Beijing VI products was held. Zhang Xiaoning, general manager of North China marketing center of XCMG's hoisting machinery division, Lin Wei, chairman of Beijing ruitaida Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., and Wang Zuoshan, deputy director of Beijing Representative Office of XCMG's hoisting machinery division, delivered the "golden key" representing new products to customers to help Beijing's construction

putting user value in the supreme position, surpassing the high R & D investment of world benchmark enterprises, and always being absolutely ahead in key technologies are the requirements of XCMG for itself and XCMG's commitment to let customers continue to have a leading edge

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