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New waterproof materials appear in the international roof and building waterproofing exhibition

on August 4, the 9th China International roof and building waterproofing technology exhibition, jointly organized by China building waterproofing Association, China Building Materials Group Corporation and American Roof Engineering Association, was held in Beijing. This exhibition gathered first-class manufacturers and products in the field of roof systems and building waterproofing from nearly 30 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, etc., which concentrated on the application of energy-saving and environmental friendly roof systems and new waterproof material technologies in the construction field

at the exhibition for long-term application of high-voltage systems, we saw that new building waterproof materials such as flexible waterproof materials for external force surface of buildings, CPS (chemical bonding and physical crosslinking synergy, referred to as CPS, a bonding technology with chemical crosslinking and physical mortise and tenon synergy), reactive adhesive coiled materials, flame-retardant anti coiled materials, etc. were the highlights of this exhibition. Lu Zhencai, deputy general manager of Guangxi golden umbrella waterproof decoration Co., Ltd. Beijing company, told that this exhibition is mainly to show new waterproof materials and technologies with energy conservation, material saving and environmental protection requirements in the field of building waterproofing. Judging from the current complaints about building quality, whether public buildings or civil buildings, the proportion of complaints about building quality due to unqualified waterproof materials is as high as 60%~70%. In order to effectively solve the sealing and waterproofing of building materials, enterprises will take the research on the bonding between waterproof materials and concrete surface and the prevention of concrete leakage as the future research and development direction of waterproof material products

cps reactive adhesive coiled material highlights the magical sealing and waterproof effect

in the exhibition hall, large booths of Dongfang Yuhong, Guangdong Keshun, Tangshan Desheng, Shenzhen ZhuoBao, Guangxi golden umbrella came into view, and domestic first-class building waterproof material enterprises such as Shandong Hongyuan, Beijing Ligao, Xuzhou Woniushan, Xinda Luxin, Shanghai Tai'an, Liaoning Dayu also gathered together. American Dow Chemical, Owens Corning, Jasman, Germany Bayer, Weida, Belgium Firestone, France soprima and other internationally renowned enterprises also attended. It is understood that the exhibition products include asphalt based waterproof coiled materials, polymer waterproof coiled materials, sealing materials, waterproof coatings, rigid waterproof and plugging materials, as well as various complete sets of waterproof material equipment, construction machines and tools, accessories and auxiliary materials, waterproof material testing instruments and equipment, etc

at the booth of Guangxi golden umbrella, the staff participating in the exhibition are performing a field performance of CPS reaction adhesive coiled material for construction, which can be seen from the above. Lu Zhencai introduced that CPS is a bonding technology with the synergistic effect of chemical crosslinking and physical mortise and tenon. By adding modifier m to the reactive adhesive, it will react chemically with the cast-in-place concrete to form a chemical crosslinking bond, so that the coiled material can be firmly combined with the interface of concrete or cement, and promote the local sealing between cement and reactive adhesive coiled material, so as to promote the creep of reactive adhesive and make it go deep into the capillaries or pores of concrete, Play the role of physical mortise and tenon to achieve a reliable bonding effect

"this waterproof material can be used for building roofs and basements. We use this waterproof material as a base plate during construction, and then pour a layer of cement slurry on it to achieve reactive bonding effect, so that even if the concrete on the building surface breaks, there will be no leakage." Lu Zhencai said, "traditional waterproof materials can only play a role of blocking and waterproofing. Make a waterproof membrane on the roof or ground. If this waterproof membrane does not form a good seal with the concrete body, once there are individual holes, the whole waterproof system will fail." Subsequently, Lu Zhencai broke a ceramic tile with CPS reactive adhesive roll at the bottom on the spot. It can be seen that although the ceramic tiles have been broken, the CPS reaction adhesive roll pasted at the bottom is still intact

"light flexible conjoined glass fiber brick" helps waterproof the exterior wall

it is noted that there is a model room built of "light flexible conjoined glass fiber brick" in the middle of the exhibition hall, which is very eye-catching. The connecting glass fiber bricks of the external force surface of this model house are all from Zhejiang Hongcheng building materials Co., Ltd. Huangguofang, manager of the market planning department of Zhejiang Hongcheng building materials Co., Ltd., told that the light flexible conjoined glass fiber brick was a new patent recently invented by the company. This kind of light flexible conjoined glass establishes a long-term cooperative relationship with customers. The fiber brick is made of glass fiber felt as the matrix, impregnated with modified petroleum asphalt, with the upper surface covered with mineral particles and the other side sprinkled with fine sand. It has the functions of external wall protection and waterproof

Huang Guofang introduced that the traditional glazed tiles used for the external force surface of buildings can only be pasted on the wall individually, while the paving area of a piece of light flexible conjoined glass fiber brick is up to 0.42 square meters, which is more convenient for construction. This kind of conjoined glass fiber brick not only has the environmental protection effect of non-toxic and harmless, anti ultraviolet, moisturizing and heat insulation under the "promotion" of different light sources, but also has the self-cleaning function. No matter how the rain washes, it will not accumulate stains. Since the opening of this exhibition, the company has issued nearly 1000 product brochures, and an endless stream of manufacturers and customers have come to consult this light flexible conjoined fiberglass brick

roof system leads the new trend of waterproof technology in the future.

Ji Qing, director of the Sales Department of Shengli Oilfield Daming group new building waterproof materials Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the China International Building Roof and building waterproof technology exhibition is a highly professional exhibition, which can let more people know the relevant industry information. In order to promote the continuous introduction of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality products in the industry, China building waterproofing association has specially built a professional platform for enterprises. In particular, design institutes and construction units with project needs can further understand the performance of the latest products through the exhibition, and choose products that are more suitable for construction needs during bidding

it is learned that the waterproof technology and products of roof system introduced in this exhibition are also of great concern. The newly launched roof system of Dow Chemical Company of the United States contains three kinds of TPO waterproof coiled materials with different thicknesses, which can meet the needs of different degrees of roof service life. The shutailong TM thermal insulation board and Bi grade fire protection products developed by Dow Chemical Company bring lasting moisture and heat insulation performance and more ideal fire protection effect. The system exceeds the performance requirements of such products in American ASTM (American Society for materials) and the upcoming national standards. Jiang Weilong, global R & D director of Dow construction business department, said: "TPO waterproof coiled material is a green technology recognized by the waterproof market. We combine all its sunlight reflection properties with energy-saving properties, and finally create this set of high-performance roof system."

Lu Zhencai said that the China international building roofing and building waterproofing technology exhibition opened a window for the public to understand waterproofing concepts and master waterproofing knowledge. The promotion of new waterproof materials is of great significance not only to promote the progress of the industry, but also to improve the quality of buildings. In the eyes of the public, waterproof material is only a simple building material, but if the waterproof is not done well in building construction, it will lead to steel corrosion, which will directly reduce the building bearing rate and seismic capacity, and will endanger the safety of building structures. Taking waterproof for bridge construction as an example, bridge fracture is more frequent in China, and overload is the reason on the one hand, but it is mainly due to the lack of waterproof or improper reinforcement corrosion, which seriously affects the safety of bridge structure, and even directly leads to the destruction of bridge deck pavement

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