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New way of small batch self-adhesive label printing

now, large batch self-adhesive label printing is mainly letterpress and flexographic printing, but at present, the demand for personalized small batch self-adhesive labels in the market is increasing. Tens of thousands of small labels, combined into six or eight folio sheets, are only thousands or hundreds of copies, and the web label printing machine is unable to print this kind of live parts

in terms of printing products, small batch live parts require low cost and short delivery time; The product quality often requires bright colors, and the hierarchical layout composed of dots is in the majority. According to this situation, many small printing enterprises have achieved very good results by using six open monochrome Offset printing machines for four-color overprint. Taken together, it has the following advantages

1. Reduce printing costs

in offset printing, embossing, gravure printing and other printing, offset printing is undoubtedly the lowest cost printing method. In the prepress process, compared with the complex plate making process of flexo, the production, production and printing process of PS plate is familiar to the printing factory. In terms of technology, after the elimination of lead printing, all printing plants have turned to offset printing, so there is no additional burden

if the web self-adhesive printing machine is used, there will be a loss of more than ten meters of paper when it is started. If the overprint adjustment is not good, plus the unit type printing machine has a long paper route, the waste is even greater. The offset press can use other paper to make master paper, saving self-adhesive materials

compared with embossing and flexographic plates, offset plates are very cheap and do not require much auxiliary materials. When printing paper with different thickness, the printing can automatically draw marks on the form, and the pressure can be adjusted at will. In terms of operation, offset printing technicians (picking up machines) are also easy to hire, and the technical threshold is not high

the practice of printing plants has proved that the cost of printing small self-adhesive labels with offset press can be reduced to "cents". If it is processing with supplied materials, even if the profit is calculated by "cents" and "cents", there will be profits

2. To ensure the printing quality

different from the self-adhesive labels in Japan and other countries, China's self-adhesive labels are mostly rich in graphic and living parts, especially small batch labels, which often require bright colors. Offset printing has advantages in point printing and field printing. If you need to increase the ink thickness, you can use the advantage of accurate overprint to carry out secondary printing. Because it is a small batch printing, the time can be guaranteed

in addition, adopting offset quick drying ink, adding desiccant to the ink and spraying powder after printing can also effectively solve the problem of dirty prints and improve the printing speed

3. Shorten the printing cycle

short version live print, emphasizing timeliness. If the early plate making process is complex and the plate making cycle is long, it will inevitably affect the delivery period. Offset printing has a short plate making cycle, which is a suitable choice for short version live label printing with complex patterns and strong timeliness

when the preparation method of stereotyped phase change materials is mainly porous base adsorption method, however, printing self-adhesive materials with offset press will also have some difficulties, mainly with two points:

1) in the market, self-adhesive materials are currently mostly sold in the form of drums, printed with sheet fed offset press, and must be cut into flat paper. If it is changed by the printing factory, it will take time and effort. In this regard, we need to ask the self-adhesive material supplier for assistance. In addition, the newly cut self-adhesive paper is curly and needs to be leveled. After a long time of flattening, it also needs to be photographed before printing

2) the offset press does not have a die-cutting unit, and the printed self-adhesive sheet is not a finished product. It must be processed by a die-cutting machine after printing, and die-cutting molding, such as ellipse, triangle or other special-shaped label finished products, will cost an extra process of man hours

there are many successful cases of small batch self-adhesive labels printed by six open monochrome machine. For example, a factory in Cangnan, Wenzhou, uses a Weihai Bintian wh47 six open monochrome machine, and one shift can print about 1000 four-color self-adhesive labels in 3-4 batches. Based on the processing fee of 60 yuan per color (the minimum labor price), if the electric vibration table is widely used in each shift, the profit is equal to 3 batches/day in addition to meeting the excitation force, frequency range, load capacity and other technical indicators × 60 yuan/color × 4 = 720 yuan/day. If the living source is sufficient, the monthly gross profit can reach more than 20000 yuan

but based on experience, the author suggests that printing excellent service is the cornerstone of the brand. Brush equipment should be used only in quantity, and choose the appropriate equipment to print the corresponding products. (end)

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