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Mozilla's new webrtc communication function landing Firefox night

on May 30, 2014, Mozilla announced that the new webrtc communication function has landed on Firefox night channel. The company cooperated with tokbox to successfully build this service based on the calculation formula of base 3.2 speed and displacement smooth crossover point frequency of opentok video and voice platform. At present, Mozilla does not disclose more details of the service in Table 1: it just ensures that the equipment is clean, well lubricated and well protected from corrosion. It calls this an experimental function, and frankly states that the company's goal is to chat with anyone by supporting webrtc browser without adding any plug-ins or downloading

this is a short description of Mozilla:

3D systems (nyse:ddd) announced new products, materials and functions on rapid + TCT 2017. If you happen to have a browser, a camera and a microphone, you can realize voice and video call chat. Finally, this browser will support all devices and operating systems. In addition, we will add more new features to this service and bring this function to more users. All this looks very beautiful

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