Process characteristics of the hottest transparent

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Process characteristics of transparent conductive thin films

1. Process characteristics

sno2:f transparent conductive thin films were prepared on high temperature resistant substrates by ultrasonic atomization pyrolysis deposition process. The outstanding advantages of this process are: the required equipment is simple, the process cycle is short, and the raw material price is low. It can prepare high-quality films with the same performance as the physical deposition method. In particular, this process can uniformly prepare sno2:f transparent conductive films on the inner wall of the tubular substrate, which can not be achieved by other processes

2. Performance characteristics of transparent electrothermal film

· high electrothermal conversion efficiency, energy and power saving, long service life, and not easy to damage

· appearance selectivity. Strong interruption after fracture of the sample, wide application range, small thermal inertia

· no open flame, safe and reliable · products can be miniaturized and thin

· simple processing technology, simple structure, low cost

3. Application of

SnO2 transparent conductive film as a multifunctional inorganic material, It not only has low resistance and high visible light transmittance, but also has excellent film strength and chemical stability. In recent years, it has been widely used in the fields of power heating, antireflection coatings, solar cells, liquid crystal displays and optoelectronic devices. The transparent conductive film is plated on the surface of the container or the inner wall of the glass tube as the heating source, which has good conductivity, uniform heating, high electrothermal conversion efficiency, and can be used for direct and alternating current. The transparent conductive film has the characteristics of good transmittance, no glare, uniform heating and good conductivity. The transparent conductive film can be plated on the windshield of cars and aircraft to prevent the generation of water mist. The transparent conductive film allows visible light to enter the room, and at the same time, it can reflect infrared heat. The visible light transmittance is as high as 91%. So it can be plated on glass 2. Do you know the classification of fatigue testing machine? An antireflective coating is formed on the glass to make energy-saving glass

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