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DTM129 process configuration and production practice

this paper mainly introduces the technical characteristics of DTM129 spinning frame, as well as the reasonable selection of process parameters and special parts configuration. The yarn quality is compared and summarized

spinning is the last and key process of the yarn forming system. Last year, Jiangsu Zhongxiang group introduced some DTM129 spinning frames for upgrading in view of the fact that the spinning models are old and backward. Through the reasonable allocation of overall equipment and technology and the selection of key equipment and special parts, the yarn quality has been steadily improved

1 technical features and main configuration

1.1 DTMl29 spinning frame integrates the characteristics of advanced spinning frames at home and abroad, and is suitable for pure spinning or blending of cotton and cotton type chemical fibers, And the pure spinning of medium and long chemical fibers below 51mm, Baumert added: "This is a very wise decision or blending, and the most suitable linear density is 29.5 ~ 6 tex.

1.2 adopt three rollers, long and short leather ring drafting, configure sd-da2122p large lift angle, V-type drafting zigzag experimental machine operation steps: air shaking frame, drafting device has strong versatility and wide adaptability in terms of fiber type and length.

1.3 all gear materials are made of high-quality alloy steel, gear surface processing adopts shaving and honing technology, and transmission Stable, high precision, low noise, long service life, unique in similar products

1.4 the locomotive adopts high-efficiency synchronous toothed belt and closed gearbox transmission. All gears are lubricated in the oil bath in the gearbox to meet the high-speed requirements, and the spindle speed can reach 20000 rpm at most

1.5 high degree of automation. The spinning process is automatically controlled by PLC, with the function of LCD display of process parameters, which can display the output roller and spindle speed, spinning length and twist, etc. When spinning to the specified length or midway needs, the steel ring plate can be lowered automatically in advance and stopped automatically. The steel collar plate can be reset automatically before starting the machine. Variable frequency speed regulation has ten speed settings and ten automatic speed changes in the spinning process. The user can set the spinning length arbitrarily through the man-machine interface. Equipped with electric doffing machine, it can automatically connect the power supply of doffing machine before doffing

2 spinning process flow

cotton: Rieter blowing carding unit -fa334 winder -fa344 winder -fa266 comber -a272f drawing frame (two passes) -fa458 roving machine -dtml29 spinning machine

polyester: a002d cotton grabber -a035a cotton mixer -a036c porcupine opener -a092a double cotton box feeder -a076c winder -a186f carding machine

<"1035" period p> polyester: Polyester sliver and cotton combed sliver mixing a272f drawing frame (three passes) -Fa458 roving frame-dtm129 spinning frame

3 main process configuration

3.1 varieties and roving properties

since it was put into production, we have successively produced more than ten varieties on DTM129 spinning frame. The representative varieties are: jc5.8 tex, jcl4.6 Tex, jc60/T40 5.9 tex, jc55/T45 13 tex, etc. the roving status of semi-finished products is shown in Table 1

the roving process configuration is based on the principle of proper ration and slightly larger twist coefficient. Quality requirements: evenness, small weight unevenness, compact structure, straight and parallel fibers, good cohesion, so as to ensure the smooth spinning process and good yarn quality

3.2 selection of drafting in the back area of spinning

the selection of drafting in the back area of spinning should be selected in combination with the situation of roving and the selection of other spinning process parameters widely used in various fields such as construction, transportation, packaging, electric power, aerospace, machine manufacturing and information industry. The influence of drafting size in the back area of DTM129 spinning frame on yarn quality is shown in Table 2. All the data in the table are from the average value of the test of 10 tubes of yarn spun under the same roving, spinning with the same spindle, other process parameters are the same, and different Drafting Conditions in the back area of spinning

3.3 spinning comprehensive process design

according to the principles of system engineering cotton spinning technology, the spinning process parameters follow the principles of heavy pressure, large roving twist coefficient, small back zone draft, appropriate apron jaw spacing, and appropriate configuration of front and rear zone center distance. When organizing the process design, we conducted four factor and three-level orthogonal tests on the main varieties to find out the best process combination for promotion and use, The main process parameters are shown in Table 3

4 yarn quality analysis

4.1 quality comparison of different models

10 rovings of the same variety are spun jc14.6tex and T65/jc35 13tex on FA502, FA507 and DTM129 spinning models respectively. The quality comparison is shown in Table 4

4.2 quality comparison of different cradle drafting types

10 rovings of the same variety spin jc14.6tex and T65/jc3513tex on DTM129 spinning frame equipped with different cradle. The quality comparison is shown in Table 5

4.3 quality index level of main varieties

since the production, the quality of main varieties and the level of wushite 97 bulletin reached are shown in Table 6

5 conclusion

5.1 DTMl29 spinning frame has stable mechanical performance and few spinning ends. All kinds of transformation gears adopt unified module, aperture and width, with small diameter, strong versatility, and convenient and time-saving process transformation. Wide spinnability and stable quality of fine count yarn

5.2 the air shaking frame of V-type drafting type is easy to operate. Due to the unique curve drafting structure in the back area, it is conducive to the control of fibers, and the yarn quality is better than the parallel drafting spring shaking frame. Especially for fine count yarn and CVC blended yarn

5.3 when selecting the spinning model, we should strengthen the configuration of special equipment such as cradle, roller, spindle, leather roller and leather ring, and the optimization and screening of process parameters such as back drafting, so as to achieve the desired effect of yarn quality. (end)

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